Blair, 23, FL

My girlfriend posted this earlier——

I just put a donation button on my page

BECAUSE… Blair and I are trying to come up with money to buy a home together. Don’t get pissy, I know it’s weird… but I figured if someone felt so inclined they might help us out.

Right now we’re thinking up all kinds of ways to make this money in the next 3 months. We found this cute little abandoned house in our town that would be perfect for us to fix up and make our own. Since it’s abandoned it will be really cheap (it looks like shit right now but we can tell it will be beautiful). We think we’ll need about $7,000 to get it and make it habitable. I of course have to do most of the hustling since Blair works a full time job and still has to pay all the bills on our current place. But I’m determined to buy a house with her. She’s my girl and I don’t want to live in this old, nasty, bug infested house we currently live in for another year. 

So this is one thing I’m doing along with babysitting, old people sitting, pet sitting, selling boiled peanuts on the side of the road, cleaning houses, selling recyclables, cutting coupons, and begging relatives to make this happen for us. We may have to live off of pizza rolls for a few months but this is going to happen.

I’m going to upload more pictures of the house so you all can get excited for us and maybe give us some ideas at how we can make this dream a reality. I hope you guys have a great day and I hope you’re making your dreams come true too.

<3 xo”